AHA-Copyright Agency Early Career Researcher Mentorship Scheme

The Australian Historical Association is delighted to announce a new award for six Early Career Researchers in history. This award supports Early Career Researcher historians to develop their professional skills. Specifically, it will link Early Career Researchers with senior historians who will mentor them in the development of new and innovative works of historical scholarship, in the form of articles that will be published in leading journals. In addition to a journal article, awardees are required to publish a short article in an outlet such as The Conversation, Australian Policy and History, ABC News Online or another online forum, in order to enhance public awareness of their work, and of innovations in the field of history. This will develop Early Career Researchers’ professional skills in relation to research ‘impact’ and communication with a wide audience, attributes that are increasingly required by those working in academic and public history. All publications will acknowledge the Copyright Agency and the Australian Historical Association.

Amount of Award

Successful applicants will receive:

  1. A stipend of $1,500 AUD;
  2. Invaluable professional mentoring in the development of articles of historical significance;
  3. The chance to enhance their professional skills and develop their networks.


  1. Awards will be given to Early Career Researchers in history within two years of the completion of their PhDs. The date of the award of the degree must not be before 1 January 2019.
  2. Applicants must be members of the Australian Historical Association.
  3. Applicants must reside in Australia. Mentors may work in a different state or country to the applicant providing a case is made for the compatibility of the mentor to the applicant and how monthly meetings will take place (e.g. via Skype).
  4. Applicants must not be employed full-time by a university or public history institution when the application is submitted.
  5. At least three of the awards will go to applicants in states other than NSW, VIC and ACT in order to avoid the traditional focus on universities and public institutions in these states.
  6. One award will go to a regional applicant.
  7. Indigenous Early Career Researchers in history are strongly encouraged apply.
  8. No gender or age criteria are applied.

Conditions of Award

  1. Six successful applicants will be awarded $1,500 to support their work on articles of historical significance.
  2. Awardees will meet with their mentors on a monthly basis for six months.
  3. Awardees will write a journal article (approximately 7,000-8,000 words) for submission to a top journal in the field. This article must be submitted to an appropriate journal before the end of the six months of the award. Applicants may propose an equivalent alternative output appropriate to their historical field and career trajectory, such as a book proposal, with the backing of their mentors.
  4. Awardees write a short (approximately 800 words) article about the contemporary implications of their research for a general readership, to be published with an online platform, such as Australian Policy and History or The Conversation. This piece must be published by Wednesday 16 June 2021.
  5. Awardees will provide a written progress report to be submitted by Wednesday 16 June 2021.
  6. Awardees will acknowledge the Copyright Agency and Australian Historical Association in publications which arise from the mentorship. Publicity for the scheme will include a description of the work of the Copyright Agency and Australian Historical Association and, where applicable, a link to their websites.
  7. Awardees must advise the Australian Historical Association when they have completed their two articles and provide copies of them.
  8. Mentors must submit a written report advising the Australian Historical Association of the completion of the scheme and the achievements of the awardee during the six months of the scheme.
  9. Mentors must not have previously supervised applicants’ research work.

Application Process

Applicants must:

  1. Complete the application form.
  2. Provide a current CV (three-page maximum).
  3. Provide a written letter of support of their application from their intended mentor. The letter should include details of the ability of the applicant to complete the proposed articles, the innovation of the proposed articles, and a description of the type of in-kind support their institution is able to provide.
  4. Send their completed application form, CV, and letter of support to Chelsea Barnett, Joel Barnes, and Anna Temby at aha.ecr@gmail.com by Friday 29 January 2021.


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