Skills for New Historians Seminar: Peer Review

Friends — thank you so much for making this seminar series such a wonderful event! We’ve so far had three amazing seminars on Digital Histories, Book Proposals, and the DECRA, and each of them have been led by generous scholars and attended by an enthusiastic and curious group of ECRs and HDRs. We’re thrilled to announce our fourth seminar, which will follow in the same vein!

Peer review is a fundamental part of the academic experience — our papers, grant applications, and books get sent to unknown (to us) readers, who pore over these texts to decide whether you get published, funding, or a good review. It’s fundamental … and yet can be a personal, intimate experience too, as we often pour so much of ourselves into our writing. A good review can be elating, whereas a bad review can be debilitating. There are few formal guidelines or frameworks through which to approach reviewers’ reports, and dreaded Reviewer 2 can strike at any moment. How do we go about this process? At the same time, there are no formal lessons on how to be a good reviewer. How do you give constructive, thoughtful, helpful feedback … without becoming Reviewer 2 yourself? Our next seminar will explore all things peer review from both sides of the table, with two experienced speakers:


  • Skills for New Historians: Peer Review with Professor Kate Fullagar and Associate Professor Lisa Featherstone
  • Tuesday 1 June, 3–4.30pm AEST (via Zoom)
  • To register: please email by Monday 31 May

Skills for New Historians is open to ECRs and HDRs who are members of the AHA. If you’d like to join in and aren’t a new member, head over to the AHA website where you can renew your membership or become a member for the first time. The seminar will be recorded and the recording made available to AHA members.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch. We’re looking forward to seeing you!

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