AHA Conference: ECR/HDR Day

As we all scurry away working to finish our conference papers for next week (just me?), it’s important to not forget about the great day of events that have been planned for our ECR and HDR communities on the first day of the conference week! Before the opening address and keynote from Shino Konishi beginning at 5pm AEDT on Monday 29 November, there’s a whole bunch of sessions for us to jump into — make sure to log into your Whova account and add these sessions to your agenda to start planning your week!

9am — 10.15am AEDT | ROUNDTABLE Digital Archives: What and How

Chair: Imogen Wegman

Speakers: Richard Neville, Tim Sherratt, Nick Schapowal and Alana Piper

Get the low-down on the latest developments in the world of digital history. What is available? Where is it located? How do you access it?

11am — 12.15pm AEDT | ROUNDTABLE History Work Outside the Academy

Chair: Georgia McWhinney

Speakers: Peter Hobbins and Cathy Perkins

We know our history degrees can be applied to so many jobs… but what possibilities are there?

1pm — 2.15pm AEDT | ROUNDTABLE Publishing in Popular Media

Chair: Chelsea Barnett

Speakers: Georgina Arnott, Frank Bongiorno, Alecia Simmonds, and Alan Vaarwerk (Kill Your Darlings)

Disseminating our work to non-academic audiences has always been important, but the current climate has only exacerbated this need. This session is organised by your ECR co-representatives in line with the successful Skills for New Historians Seminar Series. In it, we speak to both emerging and established scholars who have forged a path in this space, as well as Alan Vaarwerk, an editor at Kill Your Darlings, to talk about what editors really want from contributors.

3pm — 4.15pm AEDT | ROUNDTABLE Publishing in History Australia

Chair: Kate Fullagar

Speakers: Editors of History Australia

Hear from the editors of History Australia about the ins and outs of academic publishing.

or… | ROUNDTABLE Bursary Meeting

Chair: Tim Rowse

If you were one of the lucky recipients of the AHA/CAL Bursary, head along to to this session with Emeritus Professor Tim Rowse for discussion and feedback!


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